My Sweet Grandma

Well, this week has brought a whole new chapter to Noir106, as our agencies begin their investigations into a number of mysterious matters. Bond asked several of them to investigate the identity of some character named “Jack” and he pointed to an (accidentally recorded) phone call that I took early in the semester while making a video for the class. I can’t believe he’s suggesting that this was a call with a shadowy, unknown Noir106 figure. I was talking to my grandma!  Specifically, we were discussing some Web sites I had helped my kids set up to share their latest activities with her and our family Easter plans!

Now, I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to prove this, until I remembered that a few weeks before the class started I installed an app on my phone that records all my calls (I figured in a class like this such a tool might be useful.) I dug around on my phone today, and I managed to download the complete audio. Here it is:


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