Burtis Files: Week Five

Below is my video for this week. I entreat everyone to watch and help me to understand the evidence that I unearthed this week.

I’m also sharing the photos I revealed in the video, in case anyone wants to download them and do any additional analysis.

First, these two pictures I was able to pull of of this week’s video, showing the man who appears to be attacking Groom.


A capture off of last week's video showing a closer pictures of the man.

As I mention in the video, we also had some surveillance cameras in place where we thought Groom might be on his assignment, and I was able to grab this capture:


I believe the fear on Groom’s face is palpable, and the man sitting next to him is clearly the man from the video.

Using the data from these photos, I was able to develop a digital image footprint that I then fed into a some advanced image search tools on the Web. The following photos are what I found. Again, I’ll let everyone draw their own conclusions. . .